Lab/Instruments Lab/Instruments

The Laboratory of IRCWE is joined to the Laboratory of Environmental Pollution of the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering in the Faculty of Natural Resources to establish the Analytical Laboratory. There are several instruments, which belong to this joint laboratory including:

·         Photometer

·         Spectrophotometer

·         Microscopes (X6)

·         Fridge and Freezer

·         Heating mantles and heaters

·         Stirring Heaters

·         Furnace

·         Water quality meter (pH, mV, Cond., TDS, Temp.)

·         Oven

·         Water distiller

·         Balance, 0.001 g

·         Water Bath

Our partners have donated several instruments to the laboratory, including:

  •   Lihe Technology (Hunan) Co., Ltd.:

·         LFEC-2006 (F) Fluoride Water Quality Analyzer

·         LFS-2002 (NH) Ammonia Nitrogen Water Quality Analyzer

·         LFS-2002 (CODMn) Permanganate Index Water Quality Analyzer

  •   Beijing Jingrun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.:

·         JR-EDR Lab Station


  •  Jiangsu Jinzi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.:

·         Assembly type intelligent sewage treatment equipment