The Belt and Road education dialogue at the presence of the Vice President of the University of Tehran and IRCWE director in Beijing, China

The Belt and Road Education Dialogue echoes the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st-century Maritime Silk Road, also known as the Belt and Road Initiative. The Dialogue brought together education policymakers, researchers and practitioners from Belt and Road countries to share the knowledge and information on education research, policymaking and innovation. The event addresses the most common challenges in the region including Early Childhood Care and Development, School Development and Education Innovation, Online Education and Future Higher Education, 21st Century Competencies and Curriculum Innovation, Student Mobility and Cross-border Education, Entrepreneurship Education and Youth Employment, etc. Not only the participants shared the most recent policy development and state-of-art research findings in these areas, but also explored together the potentiality of creating collaborative education research project.

Over November 26-29, 2017 during this session which held place 26 to 29 of November, Professor Hosseni had a lecture, entitled "Students mobility in Iran" in Kaiwen academy, and Dr Hamidian participated in its discussion panel. Professor Hosseini introduced the University of Tehran and its educational plans according to the third strategic plan of the university. The VP of the UT was among the final speakers concluding the dialogue.

This program was organized and financially supported by the IRCWE and RCEES-CAS