IRCWE arranged a visit to China for a high level Delegation from the University of Tehran; Vice Presidency of Science and Technology; and Conservation of Iranian Wetland Project

A multi-purpose visit to China was arranged by IRCWE and funded by CAS-RCEES and Ministry of Education of China. During this visit different activities were arranged for a high level delegate from the University of Tehran, Vice Presidency of Science and Technology (VPST) and Conservation of Iranian Wetland Project (CIWP).

The workshop was initiated by a welcome by Professor Min Yang, the Deputy Director of the RCEES and IRCWE. Vice President of the University of Tehran, Professor Seyed Hossein Hosseini as the leading scientist of the delegate introduced the University of Tehran, followed by an introduction of IRCWE by Dr Hamidian, the Director of the IRCWE. Mr Abesht, the National Project Manager of the CIWP and Professor Alamolhoda, the representatives of the VPST introduced the CIWP and VP of Science and Technology, group on water, respectively. The Chinese delegate including representatives from Bureau of International Cooperation of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources, Institute of Urban Environment, Institute of Hydrobiology, Qinghai Salt Lake Institute, Beijing Forestry University, and representatives from the "Belt and Road" Water and Environmental Science and Technology Industry Alliance introduced their centers and institutes and their activities afterwards. The participants had the opportunity to discuss the potential areas for future collaboration. Finally, the meeting was concluded by Dr Yiqi Jiang, the Deputy Director of the Division of Asian and African Affairs, Bureau of International Cooperation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He stressed the support of further cooperation using the IRCWE as the platform of collaboration.

This program was organized and financially supported by the IRCWE and RCEES-CAS.