Iran team attended the second International Conference on Agricultural Research in Beijing

The second International Conference on Agricultural Research followed by a seminar on agricultural policy research (training course) was held in September 25-30th, 2018 by Center for International Agricultural Research (CIAR) of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) in Beijing. The main goal of this seminar was to introduce agricultural policies and technologies in China and the other attending countries to find the ways for cooperation. After the conference, representatives of 12 countries (Iran, Russia, Pupua New Guniea, Uganda, Tanzanian, LAO, Ghana, Pakistan, Indonesia, South Africa, Japan and Fiji) in the framework of a training course were invited to present some information about agricultural policy, agricultural development and demand investment in their countries. Seven researchers from China (YANG Yi, the director of Foreign Economic Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs; Dr. Kevin Chen, Senior Research Fellow and Head of East Asia and Central Asia Office at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI); Prof. Nie Fengying, deputy director of Agricultural Information Institute of CAAS; Dr. LIU Yizhuo Researcher of Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation ( CAITEC); Dr. GUO Pei, Dean in College of Economics and Management, China Agricultural University; Dr. Gu Rui, assistant research fellow and Dr. Zhu Haibo, assistant professor in Agricultural Information Institute of CAAS) made presentations on "Belt and Road initiative in perspective of agricultural cooperation", "Agricultural Development Policy in China" and "China's experience and policies in poverty reduction and rural development".

Dr. Hamidian, the Director of the IRCWE emphasized the importance of the sustainable agriculture in Iran, following by an introduction of the University of Tehran, College of Agricultural and Natural Resources (UTCAN) and IRCWE, as a successful sample of the bilateral cooperation. Dr. Vahideh Ansari, Assistant Professor of agricultural economics of the University of Tehran; presented a lecture on the role of agriculture in the economy of Iran and enumerated investment potentials and constraints facing agricultural development in Iran. Dr. Mohammad Asadi Jonoushi, Director of the Legal Office of Alborz  Electric Power Distribution Company, Tavanir Org. of  Ministry of Energy; talked about renewable energy resources in Iran and the existing demand for investment.

Attendees also visited the National Experiment Station for Precision Agriculture in China. The event was financially supported by the IRCWE.