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About us

About us


In December 2016, a group of scientists from Chinese Academy of Sciences and company members visited Iran. During this visit, the Chinese delegate had several visits from different governmental departments and academic centers including the University of Tehran and its College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UTCAN). The future cooperation plans were discussed in several meetings. After the visit, the dean of the UTCAN was invited to China. In February 2017, he visited several CAS institutes and research centers and companies interested in cooperation with Iran.

In January 2016, Chinese President  Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Iran and formulated a strategic plan with Iranian leaders on China-Iran relations. Afterwards, in April 2017, Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong visited Iranian Vice President Sorena Sattari, in order to strengthen all-round cooperation with Iran and achieve tangible results in various sectors. During this visit several MoU and agreements were signed including the MoU between UTCAN and RCEES-CAS for the establishment of the IRCWE.


Areas of cooperation

The areas of cooperation in all subjects of water and environment include (but not limited to):

·         Joint research activities and application for co-funds

·         Joint sponsor and co-organization of workshops

·         Joint publication in academic journals, authorship of books and presentations in seminars and academic meetings,

·         Establishment of joint conferences

·         Mutual exchange of staff, students and postdoctoral fellows and  academic information sharing

·         Joint education schemes for postgraduates and training

·         Establishment of joint research journal

·         Facilitating the investment of the companies in the science park in UTCAN

·         Other activities as deemed mutually appropriate