The Sino-Iranian Workshop on Water Environment in Xiamen, China

The Sino-Iranian workshop on water environment was held in Xiamen city in May 2018. It was sponsored by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), International Research Center for Water and Environment (IRCWE), the key laboratory of urban environment and health and water environment safety and water quality engineering research center. The workshop consisted of more than 30 talks and presentations by both Iranian and Chinese scientists. The water and environment challenges such as restoration of wetlands and groundwater in Iran, water quality monitoring and treatment were discussed. Dr. Hamidian the director and Prof. Min Yang, the deputy director of the IRCWE as two key speakers at the workshop discussed the Sino-Iran cooperation on water and environment research, and the south-south cooperation to tackle environmental challenges, respectively.

Prof. Bozorg-Haddad, the dean of the college of environment, and the research center for environment and sustainable development of the Department of Environment of Iran presented and discussed Iran's water and environmental issues and challenges. Dr. Ghasemipanah from Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) as the representative of the Ministry of Petroleum, and Dr. Pendashteh from University of Guilan were also among the speakers. The representative of LIHE company, as the partner of the IRCWE, Ziqiu Zhang discussed the application of online monitoring system in ecological environment protection of China. The Iranian delegates were cooperated in this event with the full financial support of the IRCWE.